Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We curse you, Ogun Samast and we curse your ancestors.

The world will remember that on January 19, 2007 Turkey has killed the only Armenian public figure that was ready to discuss face to face 'in an open state of mind' the fate of the Armenians in the late Otttoman Empire and the denial by the Turkish Republic of the Armenian population mass murders in 1915-1916.
Turkey, the Turkish Republic, the state founded by Mustapha Kemal - the very idea of 'Turkish statehood' - has been built upon and through out the genocide of the entire Armenian poplulation.

The murder of Hrant Dink was just another step - another stone- to pave the way to the construction of 'Turkey'.

We curse you, Ogün Samast, 17 years old, from Trabzon. We curse your ancestors - that used nearly all forms and aspects of mass muders to eliminate the Armenian population of the Trabzon province. We curse the memory of the entire Turkish population of Trabzon that loaded onto barges the Armenian poplulation and drowned them in the Black Sea.
We curse the memory of Dr. Ali Saib, Director of Public Health of Trabzon province, that systematically poisoned Armenian infants brought to the city's Red Crescent Hospital and ordered the drowning at the nearby Black Sea of those who resisted.
We curse the memory of the province's governor-general during world war I, Cemal Azmi, who detained fifteen young girls (Court-Martial 10th sitting, April 12, 1919), for his lethal debaucheries.
We curse the memory of Nuri, the police chief of Trabzon, and the CUP commissar in Trabzon, Yenibahceli Nail.

Be sure that Ogun Samast is proud of himself - he is a true descent of the Trabzon turks.
We also just learned that Omer Çelik, deputy and adviser to Erdogan, proposed to burry Hrant with the Turkish flag - a great 'honor' normally and legally used at burrials of high ranked officials. We take this proposal as an insult to Hrant Dink's memory.
Turkey has assassinated Hrant Dink.


Anonymous said...

Toute tentative de capitalisation politique que le gouvernement turc pourrait être amené à échafauder afin de promouvoir une image libérale à travers des manifestations de sympathie publique ne pourrait que constituer la marque de son cynisme. Les autorités d’Ankara seraient bien avisées de s’abstenir de telles démarches opportunistes

Anonymous said...

I think that what happened to the Armenians was dreadful. I think that the whole concept of secular Turkish nationalism is a farce that flies in the face of history and truth. I think that Hrant Dink was a great man and I feel badly for him and those who loved him, but hope that his death may be the first stirrings of an avalanche that changes Turkey radically, and leads to reconciliation between Turks and Armenians.

That said, I also feel very badly for that poor boy, Ogun Samast. Come on, why curse his ancestors? He was 17, from a broken family, a bad economy. Such children have a lot of insecurity, because their lives are so insecure. Their aggression is one possible reaction to those surroundings, drugs and dangerous activities are another. Nationalists, with their hateful, ignorant message, would probably tend to attract such an impressionable, confused young man, and manipulate him. You can be sure he did not act alone -- I refuse to believe it. Some older, less confused, more responsible asshole is sitting comfortably laughing that he had Hrant Dink murdered and some poor, confused kid is suffering the consequences for it. This kid is not a hardened criminal, he is an abused, mistreated, shamefully victimized person. Yes he did the deed and there must be consequences: but I doubt throwing him in a prison, especially a Turkish prison, is ever going to make him discover what he missed all his life, and discover the wide world that he was denied.