Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Staline is less frightening in black & white !

I think the incredible document "Staline" on the 6th Channel yesterday evening was visually very impressive. Please forget about the comments, I am talking about the images. One must admit colorization reduces the time distance between us and what happened some 60 years ago.
To show the difference, I attached a "black and white" video which seems to be coming from early ages compared to what was on the air yesterday.
As concerning the comments (I agree something has to be said), representing staline as the "red tyran" without any subtility, I do not want to make judgement there. We are in a society where communication tools [images, sounds, news, tracks] have become fmcg products. As information messages are becoming more numerous everyday, they are also becoming much simpler. At one point, when history and historical truths/facts are concerned, this leads to caricature.

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Curtis Mooney said...

I wonder about the situation of Armenia during Staline's time ?