Monday, March 5, 2007

Iraqi-Armenians on the run

Please check out this article by Lilit Avagyan.
As Armenian just passed law on dual citizenship, I was wondering what the homeland is planning for Iraqi-Armenians.
Will it be like always ? Do they have to consider they have nothing to hope concering any help from the new "old country" ?
Two years ago, Vartan Oskanyan, RA Foreign Ministers, proposed to Iraqi-Armenians to fly to Damas and contact the Armenian Consulate there. He promessed the consulate would "try to help". I am asking: is that a way we to build the Armenian state ?
Armenian should be the homeland of all Armenians around the world, and especially the one who are living tough time in their countries of residence. Shouldn' it ?
P.S: The picture captures Saint Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church in Avzrog, Dahuk Governorate, Iraq

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