Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Regis est un con" serie - 1

A Yerevan-based American-Armenian political analysts spoke today about weak signals coming from the Turkey’s government and its army, which he said indicate that they have started to comprehend the wisdom of lifting the blockade of Armenia.
The political analyst, Richard Giragosian, called these signals ‘revolutionary.”
Speaking to a news conference Mr. Giragosian argued that the passage of a resolution by the US Congress recognizing the 1915 Armenian genocide would have no impact on Washington’s relationships with Ankara ‘because they are already bad.’
Mr. Giragosian further said that Turkey and Armenia can normalize their relations only through boosting economic ties, because ’Turkey needs Armenia as an economic partner to stabilize the situation in its eastern Kurdish-populated areas.”
Mr. Giragosian also reiterated fears that Turkey’s accession to EU with its 75 million population may pose a serious threat to Europe’s integrity, but he said Armenia would benefit from a Turkish EU membership, ‘because Ankara would have to reduce its military spending and cut its armed forces.’
According to Mr. Giragosian, Armenia may act as a go-between between Iran on one hand and the USA and Europe on the other hand.

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