Monday, April 30, 2007

92nd Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide: Reconciliation is impossible !

Further to the commemoration ceremonies or meetings I have personally been able to take part on April 24th, I must say that I have been quite in disgareement - not with the tone - but with the underlying meaningful core ideas of various speeches held by officials of Armenian diaspora in the region of Lyon, France.

Key quotes as I registered them: " There will be no reconciliation without dialogue (Decines, France, April 29th)". " To establish a real dialogue, 2 parties should be involved (Lyon, France, April 24th)".

I think the key finding of 2007 can be summarized as follows: "1,500,000 + 1". If Hrant Dink's murder has proven us one thing is that there is no reconciliation possible.

As a matter of fact, what is unforgivable cannot be forgiven. We would be lying to ourselves and to the world if we pursue in this direction. No one can deny that We have an historical repsonsability in front of all citizens from all nations around the world. We can mislead the entire world. Whatever Turkey does or does not do, there is no dialogue possible.

There can be no reconciliation.

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